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Name change

2011-07-08 10:50:16 by Grind

I changed my name to Grind a few years back

But I think i might get my name changed back to its original name M-to-the-C but I doubt many of you would remember that name :P

Drink to the Gods

2011-01-31 03:34:05 by Grind

151 Rum 75.5% alcohol + Malibu 21% + Pine Apple juice = Awesome

Shit just got so cash

Drink to the Gods


2009-12-16 15:23:45 by Grind


watch me burn your church

2009-09-16 17:46:40 by Grind

I impale your lifeless corpse
On my pike you shall rest

screaming doesn't help you
the halls beckon with agony
but you'll never be safe again
as long as I'm standing here

I'm gonna take you to your grave
Worms pick at the brains of the dead
The dreams of the dead haunt my dreams
but no nightmare is worse

lol okay posting again

The Greatest Story Ever Told

2009-05-30 14:31:47 by Grind


The Greatest Story Ever Told

Here You Go

Also PM me with ideas and any help you'd like to offer

even summarys and brief descriptions would be great

so PM me and I'll reply =D

My body fails

2009-05-13 17:38:14 by Grind

I'm pretty sure my body is breaking and shutting down

Because of the combination or illness + asthma + new drug for asthma = Shut down

but I'll go out in the Duke Nukem fashion
I'm hitting the Auto Destruct button

Hail to the king baby

I am not that funny

2009-05-05 19:57:44 by Grind

I am not that funny guys

You do not need to copy and paste what I say on msn to other people
or my posts


I'm like not funny at all


2009-04-07 13:40:55 by Grind

I won't be able to do it until I move out, but I wanted to see what it looks like
I only really want the two on the right

yes or no?



2009-03-23 15:27:09 by Grind

First attempt at a traditional painting

its near done, I just don't wanna take another picture

<---- also new pic thanks Sk8rGirl


Life Goal

2009-03-14 14:00:27 by Grind

all five

Life Goal